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438 E. Cave Spring Rd,  Priceville  AL  35603

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Visitors are always welcome at Priceville Elementary School.

To insure the safety of our students, all visitors must enter the building through the front office. You are required to sign in, and wear a visitor pass while on the school campus.  If visiting your child at lunch, you must sign in, receive a visitor pass and go directly to the waiting area outside the lunchroom to wait on your child. Please do not go to the classroom.

Please refrain from parking in the red “Fire Lane” that has been painted in front of the school and along the curbside of the Flagpole.  We are making this request in order to fulfill safety requirements for emergency personnel.  Should the need arise for their services, the parked cars would hinder response time.  If you are unable to find a lined parking space in the circle lot when visiting our school, we have ample parking on either of the side parking lots.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and continued support of Priceville Elementary School!

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