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CLASSROOM GUIDANCE- At Priceville Elementary I have the privilege of meeting with all students on a regular basis. ALL students participate in a monthly guidance lesson (LIMe Time) with their class. During those lessons we discover and reinforce ways to become a leader. We also have lessons on: feelings, friendship skills, conflict resolution, respect, goal setting, and, of course, leadership. All of our lessons incorporate the 7 habits.

SMALL GROUPS - At PES small groups  are formed as needed. For example, when several students of the same age are experiencing a similar kind of problem, we form a group.  Small group can focus on social skills, divorce, friendship skills, dealing positively with ADHD, and anger management skills. Small group settings can be very helpful for them to see they are not alone and they can gain support from their peers. Small groups usually meet once a week for 6-8 weeks.

Grief Group: 
Our local Hospice team comes twice a month to facilitate a "Friend to Friend" small group. It is provided for students who have experienced the loss of someone close to them. The facilitators are trained Hospice employees. This is voluntary group, and is available to all students. Students can join this group at any time throughout the year.




There times throughout the year when a student could benefit from talking with a caring adult.  I have times throughout the day when I am available to meet with an individual. These meetings are confidential unless there is a concern regarding the child’s safety.  Many times children just need someone to simply listen to their feelings. When I meet with individuals the goal is for the student to solve his/her issues in a positive, healthy manner.

Individual meetings with me can occur per student request, teacher request, or parent request. Teachers may recognize that a child from their classroom would benefit from talking with me. The teacher & I will set up a time that works best with the classroom schedule.. Also a student may request a meeting with me by stopping by my office and arranging a time that suits them and their schedule. Parents can also request I meet with their child regarding an issue. Parents can contact me by phone or email.  If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me.

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